Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing


Digital marketing or online marketing came to the fore with the dawn of the internet. The internet made everyone and everything connected. Thanks to the internet, email platforms, google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc., all the social media platforms and online communities became meaningful and reachable. Social media and online communities opened up as “the online spots” for people to share the daily tidbits of their lives, to check what is going on in other’s lives, and to learn something new such as getting to know about “10 healthy snacks” or “5 minutes workout challenges” and many more.


Later on, people started to buy and sell products over the internet. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, WeChat, TikTok, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, telegram are the best and the cheapest spots for buying and selling. The best thing out of all is that social media is the best place for anyone capable of starting and handling a business. You don’t need to rent a showroom, and you don’t need to register the business; you don’t need to be an adult to do a business. You just require your skill, your courage, and very small capital.


Why Digital Marketing?


Social media is open for any business, and it has got plenty of space. More importantly, starting an online business has become a trend already. But unfortunately, transforming your “just started business” into a best-selling business is not that easy. It is possible, but one or two from that particular business has to be committed to it full-time, which is quite hard for a teen girl trying to handle her college work and her business equally or a mom with four trying to take care of her family and her online business at the same time. So that is why we cannot neglect digital marketing.


Digital marketing is the digital version of marketing. It is the way of using the internet, social media, online communities, and messaging platforms to reach out to more and more people and promote your physical and online businesses. Launching your online business on Facebook or Instagram is not enough. You have to promote it well on social media. It is not something that you do whenever you are available or monthly, weekly, or daily. You have to monitor it from time to time, from minute to minute.


Digital marketing can be done by using mobile and computer devices, at a physical location like at central perk or on a subway platform, in a video game, watching a YouTube video, or via mobile apps and websites. There are so many digital marketing channels like social media marketing, network marketing or affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing, website marketing, etc.

According to, “As of January 2021, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide.” which is 59.5% of the total population, and this value is going upwards only. This means the same amount of people directly or indirectly use social media and other online platforms. So everyone knows that promoting something over the internet using various digital platforms is a very effective technique to reach out to more audiences. But now it has become very much competitive and common. Therefore, to enhance digital marketing more and more, many marketing companies and agencies have started to apply AI or Artificial Intelligence.


How can Digital Marketing Benefit from AI?


The whole world is in the middle of an AI revolution. It does not matter whether you are personally moving with the current world, but the world is moving, technology is upgrading, and AI is making everything smooth and comfortable. So why not upgrade the digital marketing industry to an AI-based digital marketing field. We already know artificial intelligence is useful, and the outcome is faster when we apply AI to anything.


AI is now more approachable than ever before, with the capacity to completely transform businesses and companies. Because of its good impact and lower cost than before, both large and small businesses can benefit from the information, AI, and ML (machine learning) tools and automation choices it gives. With AI integration, organizations can not only exploit their users' data but also predict their next move, better understand sales cycles, link their strategy for high performance into paying users and enhance the consumer experience.



Top Benefits


1)    Improved personalization for users: With the help of AI, ML, and DL( deep learning), tech companies and organizations can provide their customers and users with what they need. For example, when you watch the newly released movie “red notice” on Netflix, Netflix will recommend more movies like Red notice. Next time, when you buy a belt for your dog on Amazon, it recommends dog food, pet toys, and various stuff related to dogs.


Not only that, but when you are not happy with what they offer, you can create what you want on your own with the help of various AI and ML tools. In Canva, you can create a poster for yourself if you are not happy with the millions of samples that they present. The same goes with the sites like etc. AI has made everything easy.


2)    Customer-friendly chatbots: Chatbots are very common and very useful these days. When you visit a commercial website, it is very normal to see the chatbot option. And it is 24 hours available and working full time. This is a very big advantage for big companies which offer products and services. Chatbots are very human-friendly, very much effective, and they don’t feel bored or tired. A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence can help businesses improve customer service and expedite the process for their personnel.


3)    SEO: SEO means, Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of obtaining more and more traffic from search engines' free, organic, editorial, or natural search results. Its goal is to boost your website's ranking on search engine result pages. Remember that the higher up on the list your website is, the more people will see it.


            With the help of AI, the SEO process has become accurate, efficient, and super speedy. When you type something on Google, most of the time you get what you want, and it might have even amazed you, “oh my god, I didn’t think I would find this information on Google…”. It will become easier to design full websites with just a few clicks while maintaining search engine value with time. The increase in search engine results can also be determined analytically. This will have a significant impact on sales performance, particularly for online merchants and the majority of other enterprises.


4)    More ROI: It is really important to use less expensive options and options that give more return on investment (ROI). With the help of AI, this can be done. AI-assisted automation saves time and money while improving the customer experience's personalization and efficiency. AI can help you make better decisions and create more effective content. You can drive focused digital marketing initiatives with better ROI because of its capabilities in better understanding the audience.


5)    Managing Big Data: Many organizations working with data analytics and information collect TB (Terra byte) of data about their users and user interactions with other businesses and social media. Anyone working in digital marketing has a significant danger of human error. Given the enormous amount of consumer data that firms collect in a day, even the most experienced analysts are prone to making mistakes when t comes to analyzing large amounts of data.


AI can help companies and businesses to manage this big data. Artificial intelligence can help reduce the risks of human mistakes, obtain useful insights and present simple information.



AI has already become a valuable option for digital marketing companies to improve their work and maximize what they do. As we said in the beginning, the world is moving fast, adopting the latest technology ever. So neglecting these will be a reason to fall behind other competitors who are highly relying on AI. 

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